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Get the Bestselling Book by Justin Gesso

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Rocket fuel to live life on your terms. Make more money, build your legacy, and quit your job

Get the bestselling book that shows you how to make more money, build your legacy, and quit your job.

"Move over Tim Ferriss, there's a refreshed approach to unshackling yourself from the grueling busy-work of the grind." - Matthew Hart - Author and CTO Arise Virtual Solutions

Leave The Grind Behind is for anyone who has built a good career, is comfortable, yet has an itch—a realization—that there is more to life.

This book is dedicated to all those ready to forge their own path, get more out of life, and burn their imprint on the world. You want more money, more freedom, and to build your own legacy. Perhaps you want to carve a future by leveraging your talents to freelance, consult, or become an entrepreneur.

Individual 1-on-1 Coaching

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Weekly one-on-one coaching with Justin Gesso. Commit yourself to leaving your corporate job to earn more money, create more freedom, and enjoy more happiness.

  • 30-minute weekly individual coaching session with Justin Gesso
  • Accountability, commitment, results
  • Personalized success plan
  • BONUS: Signed paperback copy of "Leave the Grind Behind"

Be in a completely different place this time next year. Earn more money in better ways. Be in control of your time. Build toward your goals and your legacy. Improve numerous aspects of your life, including income, net worth, relationships, health, career, and community.

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