Hello, my name is Justin Gesso, and just about a decade ago I was in your shoes. I had an MBA and a good run in the corporate world, I was comfortable…but I wanted more. I wanted out of the grind. I wanted more time, more money, and more of a life on my terms.

I’m the author of Leave the Grind Behind, which has become a #1 international Best Seller.

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It is the action-packed book with actions, habits, and tools that will enable your success and explode your results. It will help you build the legacy you envisioned yourself leaving. You will develop a plan for leaving the grind behind, and execute on that plan.

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What have the book’s principles done for me?

Justin Gesso ImageThe best way I can summarize what this book’s principles have done for me is to simply say, I will never go back. I’ve made it to the other side and the grass is greener.

These principles allowed me to “break out” from the standard day-job mentality. This is a very scary proposition for many, and it was for me too.

I was the sole income for my wife and small child. I was already making good money. I was comfortable. I was stable. I had been conditioned early on to work hard at school, go to college, keep going to school, grind it out 9-5…or in reality, 7-5+. I just needed to keep working my way up the corporate ladder, then…

What are my results?

With the principles from this book, I’ve been able to:

  • 2x my 6-figure corporate income within 1.5 years of leaving the grind
  • 2x my net worth within 2 years of leaving the grind
  • Build an $850,000 real estate portfolio
  • Earn 60% of my income from passive and scalable sources
  • Be ground level at several multi-million dollar startups

All while working fewer hours and being in charge of my time.

You can do it too.

Overcoming risk

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And what’s the conditioning we receive for starting our own business? Heck, anyone can tell you that startup businesses fail all the time. And not only will you likely fail, you can’t do it unless you have massive amounts of money and time.

So I had a ton to risk! And I had a lifetime of beliefs to overcome. But, I put the principles in this book to practice and quickly realized that I had it all wrong. In fact, the risk of staying in the grind was massively greater than the risk of leaving it behind.

That’s right, the standard view of risk is completely backward.

Gaining control of money and time

Indeed, once I left the grind behind, I immediately started making much more money than my “good” six-figure salary. I was hitting doubles and triples. I was back in control of the one asset that is truly limited—my time.

Leave the Grinder Behind Cog or GrinderIs my journey over? No…far from it. I’m much more successful, savvy, and happy. But I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of possibility. I love the path I’m on and know there’s so much more.
In fact, I’m currently involved in five highly scalable projects, all of which have the ability and scope to impact millions of people. These are bases-loaded situations. I may miss, but if any one of these projects breaks out, I will receive a windfall, propelling my success to an entirely new level. But even if this doesn’t happen, I’m still well covered.

Because of this, taking big swings is no longer risky for me. I’ve established a steady base of income coming from multiple sources, much of which is passive.

So while I’ve already achieved the success many people can only dream of, I am at the cusp of much more.

What’s my background?

Justin Gesso holds an MBA and had a good run in corporate America. He was able to make the leap to working on multi-million-dollar startups, while also pursuing numerous other exciting projects, investments, and passions.

Along with solid achievements in the professional arena, Justin has also been able to maintain a personal life rich in family, health, and community.

Justin has been practicing and refining the principles you’ll see in this book for over a decade. These practices are the result of reading hundreds of books and having some of the best professional and personal coaches in the world.

Within just one-and-a-half years of quitting his day job, Justin was able to double his six-figure income. Within 2 years, he doubled his net worth. He has realized repeated success in multiple business ventures, defying the startup failure rate.

Justin has been featured on The Huffington Post, Lifehack, Big Time Startups, InvestFourMore, Leadership Mastery Academy, inPulse, Zapier, and more.

Vow to get started

Leaving the grind behind has been an absolutely liberating journey for me. My life is so improved that I’ve vowed never go back to being a Cog. Writing this book cements that vow.

Will you take a similar vow? Vow to go forward and enjoy a life you design. Enjoy it so substantially that your energy overflows and improves the lives of those around you.